48 Hour Turbo Yeast – 135 g

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Our bulk 48 Hour Turbo Yeast is a high-performance temperature and ethanol tolerant distillers yeast that is capable of reaching 20% alcohol from a pure sugar wash in just a few days. It ferments more slowly than the 24-hour turbo yeast but creates fewer byproducts in the process. It also contains Amyloglucosidase enzyme to allow fermentation of grain washes as well. It is by far our favorite moonshine fermenting yeast!

Each packet of 48-hour turbo yeast is good for a 5-gallon wash. We recommended that you use a fining agent like Super Kleer to clear your wash before you put it in the boiler.

For a video on how to make a turbo yeast mash (and see how easy it is), please see our blog post on how to make a turbo yeast mash.

Instructions (per 5 gallons):
1. Add 4.5 gallons of lukewarm water to your fermentation vessel.
2. Add either 20 cups (10 pounds) of sugar for a 14% mash or 32 cups (16 pounds) for a 20% mash. Stir until completely dissolved.
3. Add the package of 48-hour turbo yeast.
4. Ferment between 70-85 degrees, or until all fermentation activity stops. An airlock is NOT recommended when using such a fast acting yeast. A lower fermentation temperature will lead to longer fermentation times..

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