Fermentis Safspirit C-70 Yeast

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Fermentis Safspirit C-70 Yeast is a robust, multipurpose strain and one of the most popular strains for distillers. Produces very high quality alcohol from all kinds of substrates, with subtle congeners. Used extensively in the Caribbean and Central America for producing good quality potable alcohol and rums from sugar cane juice or molasses. Very good performance in agave juice (mezcales and tequila) and can also be used as rum yeast! Good option for low gravity grain mash fermentation.

Recommended temperatures from 25°C to 35°C. Produces neutral alcohol in both flavor and color.  Recommended minimum dosage rate 0.5 g/L.

Fermentis Safspirit C-70 Yeast is an excellent multipurpose/workhorse yeast for more exotic alcohols!

Ingredients: yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), emulsifier: E491 (sorbitan monostearate)


30-50 g/hl


① Rehydrate the yeast in 10 times its volume of water or wort at 25°C – 35 °C (77.0°F – 95.0°F)

② Leave to rest for 15 minutes

③ Gently stir

④ Pitch in the fermenter


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