Super-Kleer – 2-Stage Fining Agent

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Super Kleer is a 2-Stage fining agent for beer, wash, or wine. It contains 50ml Chitosan and 15ml Kieselsol which is good for a 5 to 6 1/2  gallons of wash.
We highly recommend getting a packet of Super Kleer for every batch you distil. Not only does it help clear your wash, wine, or beer of off-flavor producing particles in 12 – 48 hours, but beer fining agents also help clear the compounds that produce hangovers. Need we say more?


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  1. David

    I purchased the Turbo Clear and used it on 2 5 gallon mashes to help remove the excess yeast that settles on the bottom. It clumped the yeast together into larger pieces, which when combined with the nylon bag worked great. I just dumped my mash right through the bag which I folder over twice into my 13 gallon Stainless Steel Still.

    It didn’t change the taste in anyway and I used one after about 16 hours after mixing and one after about 36 hours of mixing. The wash was definitely more clear. I highly recommend using this with your wash and the nylon bag to help keep the excess yeast pieces from your mash even when syphoning.

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