Super-Kleer – 2-Stage Fining Agent

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Experience the next level of clarity in your homebrewed beer, wine, mead and washes with Super-Kleer K.C., a powerful two-stage clarifying kit. This kit contains two pre-mixed pouches of kieselsol and chitosan, working synergistically to create strong negative and positive charges in your beverage. This unique process facilitates larger yeast clumping, ensuring a faster and more efficient clearing process.

Super-Kleer K.C. is ideal for wine kits, grape and fruit wines, distilling wash, and even mead production. The 65 mL (2.2 fl oz) packet provides ample solution for achieving clarity and brilliance in your creations.

Key Features:

  • Two-stage clarifying process for rapid and efficient results
  • Suitable for wine kits, grape and fruit wines, alcohol mashes, and mead production
  • Powerful combination of kieselsol and chitosan for enhanced clarity
  • Clear your beverage in just 12-48 hours
  • Ideal for homebrew enthusiasts seeking crystal-clear results

Super Kleer KC Finings—because your craft deserves the clarity it craves! Purchase your 2-in-1 clarifying solution now and experience the brilliance of Super-Kleer K.C.

Directions for use are simple: Add kieselsol (packet D1) to your carboy (5-6G/19-23L) of wine or other beverages, gently stir, then dissolve chitosan (packet D2) in 1 fluid oz./30mL of warm water, add, and stir gently. Witness the magic as your beverage clears within 12-48 hours. Please note that while Super-Kleer K.C. excels at clearing various types of beverages, it may not clear pectin haze or products made with hard water.

We highly recommend getting a packet of Super Kleer for every batch you distill. Not only does it help clear your wash, wine, or beer of off-flavor producing particles in 12 – 48 hours, but beer fining agents also help clear the compounds that produce hangovers. Need we say more?

*Contains Sterile Water, Kieselsol, and Chitosan (Shellfish Derivative).


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1 review for Super-Kleer – 2-Stage Fining Agent

  1. David

    I purchased the Turbo Clear and used it on 2 5 gallon mashes to help remove the excess yeast that settles on the bottom. It clumped the yeast together into larger pieces, which when combined with the nylon bag worked great. I just dumped my mash right through the bag which I folder over twice into my 13 gallon Stainless Steel Still.

    It didn’t change the taste in anyway and I used one after about 16 hours after mixing and one after about 36 hours of mixing. The wash was definitely more clear. I highly recommend using this with your wash and the nylon bag to help keep the excess yeast pieces from your mash even when syphoning.

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