Simple Moonshine Recipe

Posted By Matt Wyant on 6th May 2016

    Hello everybody! Spring time is here and we are ready to make some shine! Today we’ll be walking you thru a simple moonshine recipe that will help you achieve higher alcohol content from your mash without having to track down malted corn. Traditional ‘shine was made with malted corn, sugar and yeast. However, if your corn is not already Read Full Story

A Novice Distiller’s All-Grain Mash

Posted By Matt Wyant on 14th July 2015

I have been experimenting with sugar washes for a while now. After trying out several different ways to flavor a distilled sugar wash; infusing, essences etc.. I decided I wanted to try something new. I want to attempt and all grain mash. It is a bit intimidating at first, as you have to learn how grains work Read Full Story

Controlling Your Heat and Boiler Temperature vs. Vaporization

Posted By Jeff on 13th July 2015

When talking to folks about their runs, there always seems to be a lot of confusion around why you need a heat controller and how you can use it to control your boil temperature. Simply put, you can’t. And now for the more in depth explanation as to why you need to be able to control Read Full Story

Simple Strawberry Moonshine-Brandy Recipe

Posted By Matt Wyant on 11th June 2015

Whether you’re picking em’ , growing em’, or stopping by the Farmer’s Market, it’s that time of year for fresh produce! You know what that means…  time to whip up your first fruit brandy of the season!  Today we will walk you thru a Simple Strawberry Brandy mash to help kick the summer off right!  Love Whiskey? Check Read Full Story

Drinking Traditions in Foreign Countries

Posted By GuestAdmin on 8th June 2015

            Venturing outside one’s home country always involves a learning curve.  To blend in wherever you go, educate yourself on the country’s specific food and drink customs before departing, starting with some of the traditions below.  By the time you get out of Dodge, you might not completely pass for Read Full Story

Can Tequila Really Benefit Your Health?

Posted By GuestAdmin on 19th May 2015

Continuing the commemoration of Cinco de Mayo and the history of tequila, scientists have tentatively shown some tequila benefits regarding your health. Of course, the old adage “everything in moderation” comes to mind, but nonetheless, natural sugars found in tequila, known as agavins, do have an upside. As mentioned in the last post, tequila is Read Full Story

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo: The History of Tequila

Posted By GuestAdmin on 2nd May 2015

This Cinco de Mayo, tap into your south-of-the-border roots and celebrate a country that birthed one of America’s favorite beverages: tequila.  Native to the land of Mexico and distilled from the agave plant, tequila originally offered more than a fiery, throat-burning spirit; the leaves of the plant were once woven into mats, clothing, and paper, Read Full Story

Make Your Mama Pleased as Punch This Mother’s Day

Posted By GuestAdmin on 24th April 2015

Who says you can only drink cider in the winter time?  If your mother is sweet and a little bit tangy, then this sparkling pear cider recipe is the perfect drink for her!  Plus, with summertime right around the corner, this beverage serves as a last hurrah to the cold weather season, right in time Read Full Story

Spring Drinks for Everyone!

Posted By GuestAdmin on 13th April 2015

Burgers, friends, and a warm spring day calls for a backyard BBQ. Do you know what to serve the kids but are struggling to make something interesting for the adults? Now is the time to break out that micro beer you’ve been dying to show off to your friends or the tequila you know your Read Full Story

Where Does the Still Go?

Posted By GuestAdmin on 20th March 2015

You’re really excited about your still coming in the mail – so excited that you haven’t thought of where to put it. You could do a quick set up in the kitchen or the family bathroom, but since you’ll probably want to be doing this for the long haul, it might be good to sit Read Full Story