Fermentis Safspirit USW-6 American Whiskey Yeast


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Formerly SafSpirit™ American Whiskey/Red Star Whiskey. The most famous and best performing strain for producing American Whiskey. The natural choice for the best Bourbon distillers and other American whiskey producers. Very good and delicate profile of congeners.

The Safspirit American Whiskey Yeast performs well in all kinds of grains or blends of grains. Also an excellent option for grain distilled beverages aged in barrels.


Dose: 50-80 g/Hl. Fermentation Temp: 20-32°C (68-89.6°F).

Fermentation temperature: 20 – 32C.(68‐90F)

Recommended pitching rate: 50‐80 g/Hl


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