Moonshine Distiller’s Single Strain Whiskey Distillers Yeast

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This is our specialized active dried whiskey distiller’s yeast—a premium strain meticulously crafted to yield an optimal congener profile, resulting in an exquisite, well-rounded, and refined whiskey spirit ideal for oak aging!

Our high-yield whiskey yeast strain is a trusted choice in the realm of commercial whiskey production, known for its robust characteristics and authentic aromatics. Each sachet of our whiskey yeast is expertly formulated with comprehensive nutrition to facilitate rapid fermentation. Vitamins and specific selected trace minerals have been added for a more active fermentation. Moreover, it incorporates amyloglucosidase enzyme to efficiently break down longer-chain sugars, ensuring an unparalleled yield for your whiskey production needs.


Instructions: Add the Whiskey Distiller’s Yeast to cooled mash <30C (86F) and ferment at 17-23C (63-73F)..

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1 review for Moonshine Distiller’s Single Strain Whiskey Distillers Yeast

  1. Johnny S.

    I used this in an all-grain whiskey, and it produced some awesome flavor. The whiskey is still aging, but the white-whiskey was very good!

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