ViscoSEB L – Beta-Glucanase Enzyme


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ViscoSEB L is a liquid enzyme that will breakdown the beta-glucans from barley, malt, cereal grains, and other gummy fruit like olives. This beta-glucanase enzyme will reduce viscosity in all mashes, but particularly those that are high in rye.

ViscoSEB L is a multi-enzyme carbohydrase, containing beta-glucanase, cellulase, hemicellulase, arabanase, and xylanase enzyme preparation. It catalyzes the breakdown of non-starch polysaccharides in cereal grains and other plant materials. It promotes cell-wall liquefaction, reduces viscosity, improves solid/liquid separation, and it improves filtration.

The ViscoSEB L liquid enzyme is used to increase lautering and filtration rates when mashing malt or mixtures of adjuncts and malt. The beta-glucanase enzyme activity in ViscoSEB L is more temperature-stable than malt glucanase. In the beverage alcohol industries, ViscoSEB L is used to breakdown cereal grain, cell-wall polysaccharides to increase the yield of fermentable sugars, and to reduce wort/mash viscosity. ViscoSEB L also helps to improve the solid/liquid separation and extraction of useful plant by-products.

This product will treat up to about a 200 gallon wash. (4 oz size) We also have pectic enzyme additives for washes with fruit juice.


**These enzymes are not returnable.

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