Tequila Ingredients Kit and Recipe


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This tequila ingredient kit includes the ingredients and recipe to take you right across the border and into Mexico! Make tequila at home using organic raw agave syrup, and avoid the pesticides that so many people hate tequila for. This tequila distilling recipe kit is sure to please!

The kit includes bottled organic raw agave syrup (a total of 4), the specialized yeast for fermenting agave syrup (very difficult for standard yeast due to the high fructose content), and instructions on how to make your own tequila.

Equipment needed for tequila distillation:
Your still (Not sure where to put it? We break down the best location for your home distillation setup.)

Optional Equipment:
Fermenting vessel (you can also ferment right in your milk can boiler)
-Charred oak barrel for aging (which can be used multiple times) or toasted oak chips to age the tequila for a Tequila Reposado or Tequila Anejo

Each tequila-making kit includes the ingredients to produce a 5-gallon wash at 8.7% alcohol by volume (which should yield about a gallon at 40% abv, before making cuts). So, if you have a 13-gallon boiler, you would need two of these kits to produce 10 gallons to fill your boiler..

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