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This rum ingredient kit has everything needed to make a homemade, bold, flavorful rum! Everything you will need, including the yeast and directions is included! Our rich molasses included is well suited for fermenting, and then running through your still. No need to jet off to the Caribbean, no need to ask: “but why is the rum gone?” when you purchase our rum ingredient kits, you will have a steady supply!

No straining is necessary with this kit!

This rum ingredient kit can be easily done by new distillers and appreciated by experienced distillers in the same fashion!

Included in your kit will be distilling molasses. Specifically formulated to be used for distillation! Also included will be high quality sugar, specifically formulated rum yeasts, and instructions in case it’s your first few runs!

Equipment needed for making rum:
A still
Thermometer (the floating thermometers are very useful for determining temperature in which to pitch yeast)
-Large spoon or paddle to stir the mash

Optional Equipment:
-Large stainless steel brew pot (you can also mash/ferment right in your milk can boiler)
Fermenting vessel (you can also mash/ferment right in your stainless steel milk can boiler)

Each molasses rum recipe kit includes the ingredients to produce a 5-gallon wash at about 8% alcohol by volume (which should yield about a gallon at 40% abv, before making cuts). So, if you have a 13-gallon milk can boiler, you would need two of these kits to produce 10 gallons to fill your boiler!









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