Fermentis Safspirit FD-3 (Fruit Yeast)


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Fermentis SafSpirit™ FD-3 is a specially designed yeast strain that is ideal for use in the production of whiskey, rum, brandy, and other distilled spirits. This high-performance yeast is capable of fermenting large amounts of sugar, resulting in high levels of alcohol production.

Additionally, the yeast produces esters and other flavor compounds that are essential for the development of complex and unique flavor profiles in distilled spirits. We have specially selected this delicious yeast for its fructophilic character as well as its high alcohol tolerance to allow micro-distillers to produce alcohol from plums, cherries, pears etc.

With Fermentis SafSpirit™ FD-3 yeast, you can take your distilling game to the next level. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a home hobbyist, this yeast strain is sure to produce exceptional results. So why wait? Purchase your Fermentis SafSpirit™ FD-3 yeast today and start creating your own unique, high-quality distilled spirits!

Fermentation temperature: 15 – 32C.(59‐90F)

Recommended pitching temperature: 30‐50 g/Hl


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