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LIQUOR QUIK Rum Turbo Pure Professional Yeast is a cutting-edge rum turbo yeast enriched with essential minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Specially formulated with extra nutrients for molasses, this yeast stands out as one of the premier choices in the market for crafting exceptional rum. Each packet produces 25 liters (6 USG) of high-quality brew, containing 62 grams (2.18 oz.) of potent yeast.

Experience the efficiency of Liquor Quick’s Rum Turbo Professional Rum Yeast, capable of generating a six-gallon, 12% ABV mash in just a few days. This advanced turbo yeast includes special ingredients designed to convert molasses into easily digestible sugars, enhancing the overall fermentation process.

For optimal results, follow these simple instructions: To create a 25L (6.5 US Gallons) batch, pour 21L of warm water (40C/104F) into a plastic fermenter. Add 2.3kg (5Lbs) of table sugar and 4kg (9Lbs) of distilling molasses, making sure to stir and mix well until both are dissolved. Top up the fermenter to the 25L (6.5 USG) mark. Add the yeast and stir for one minute. Keep the fermenter unsealed to allow gas to escape during fermentation. Let it ferment at a temperature between 25-35C (77-95F) until fermentation ceases (approximately 3 days). The optimum temperature is 30C (86F), and fermentation times may vary based on temperature conditions.

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