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Citric acid is a versatile and useful ingredient in alcohol distillation and brewing. One of its primary uses is to increase the acidity of mash water for the grain wash. By lowering the pH level, citric acid can help enzymes break down the starches in the grain wash more efficiently, resulting in a higher starch conversion rate.

This can ultimately lead to a more diverse flavor profile and higher alcohol content in your finished product.

In addition to its use in mashing, citric acid is also a popular cleaning agent for copper parts in still towers. Copper mesh can become tarnished over time, which can impact the quality of the distilled product. Citric acid can be used to effectively clean copper parts and restore their shine. Mixing a tablespoon of citric acid with a gallon of water is an effective way to clean copper parts, including the mesh inside a still tower.

Overall, citric acid is an essential ingredient for those involved in alcohol distillation and brewing. Whether used to adjust pH levels or clean equipment, citric acid offers a variety of benefits that can help to improve the quality of the finished product.

If you’re in need of bulk citric acid, we have you covered with our high-quality product that is perfect for your brewing or distilling needs!

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