Copper Mesh Column Packing – 1 Pound


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Our 100% copper mesh is the perfect solution for column packing when rolled. Not only does it ensure a much purer and better-tasting distillate vapor, but it also helps remove sulfides and other harmful sulfur compounds from your product. We recommend using 1 pound of copper mesh and 1 liter of ceramic raschig rings for our 2-inch or 3-inch dual purpose reflux columns.

Unsure about copper mesh column packing vs. raschig rings? Check out our blog post or video for more information.

While copper mesh screen is durable, you will eventually need to replace it. Renew the copper’s surface by soaking it in citric acid and tap water when it turns black due to the sulfuric reaction. However, the copper mesh will get thinner and start disintegrating over time, and is best to purchase new copper mesh at that point. Your mesh’s lifespan will be highly dependent on your use of your still!

Our copper column packing comes coated in food-safe oil to prevent corrosion. We recommend boiling or soaking it in citric acid before use to ensure optimal results!

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in


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