Copper Mesh Column Packing – 1 Pound


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When rolled up, this 100% copper mesh makes for a great still column packing. We recommend the copper mesh column packing for every still tower/head since copper mesh will help remove the sulfites from your distillate vapors, leaving you with a much purer (and better tasting!) product. Typically 1 pound of copper mesh and 1 liter of ceramic raschig rings is enough to pack one of our 2 inch dual purpose reflux columns or 3 inch dual purpose reflux columns. For more information on copper mesh column packing vs. raschig rings, we have a post about column packing or a video on copper mesh vs raschig rings on our blog with all you need to know.

While this copper screen should last a long time, you will eventually need to replace it. In the beginning, as the surface turns black (as a result of the reaction with the sulfides), you can renew the copper’s surface by soaking it in a bath of citric acid and tap water. However, as it reacts with those sulfides, it will get thinner and thinner over time and eventually it will start disintegrating. At that point, we would recommend purchasing some new copper mesh.

Our copper column packing comes to us coated in a food safe oil (to protect against corrosion) that we wash off in our industrial washer before sending to you. We highly recommend giving it a boil in some water with or soaking in citric acid before using this copper column packing in your still.



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Weight 1 lbs
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