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Sebstar HTL – the revolutionary liquid enzyme for distilling!

Are you tired of poor lautering efficiency and low yields in your distilling process? Our high-temperature enzyme is specially formulated to break down complex carbohydrates in grains, resulting in higher sugar extraction and improved lautering efficiency.

The point of mashing is to break starches present in grains down into simpler sugars that the yeast can digest, and in turn, ferment. This is accomplished by two main steps, gelatinizing those starches (allowing them to absorb water) and then converting them to sugar. Gelatinizing starches can be tricky as it causes the mash to become very viscous and thick (much like oatmeal or polenta) as you cook it.

In some grains the starches gelatinize at lower temperatures, a temperature at which the amylase enzymes in malted barley are active. However, in some grains like corn, starches gelatinize at temperatures high enough to denature the natural barley enzymes. The traditional way of handling this would be to gelatinize the corn at the higher temperatures (usually 185 degrees or more) and then let the mash cool to 150 or so before adding your barley (so that then enzymes are active and will break down the starches). This, however, results in a very messy, thick mash that is hard to stir and cool down to the point where you can add the barley to break up the starches. 

SEBstar HTL is the handy tool in this situation! Tolerating temperatures of up to 190 degrees before it becomes denatured, it allows for the conversion of starches at the same time as gelatinization. This prevents the mash from getting thick and gluey, making the distiller’s job much easier.

That being said, this liquid alpha-amylase enzyme only breaks the starches into dextrins (which are not fermentable) so you will need a second enzyme, SebAmyl GL, to then break those dextrins down into simpler sugars that the yeast can easily ferment.

SEBstar HTL is a heat-stable, liquid alpha-amylase enzyme. It is produced by controlled fermentation of a non-GMO strain of Bacillus licheniformis. This high-temperature enzyme is food-grade, Kosher Certified and can be used to produce certified-organic beverages. SEBstar HTL is an endo-amylase that randomly hydrolyzes alpha- 1,4-glycosidic bonds in gelatinized starch. The prolonged action of SEBstar HTL rapidly reduces the viscosity of gelatinized starch and produces large amounts of lower molecular weight dextrins.

With Sebstar HTL, you can expect:

  • Increased sugar extraction for higher alcohol yields
  • Improved lautering efficiency for a faster and more efficient distilling process
  • A neutral taste profile that won’t affect the taste of your final product
  • Easy and precise dosing with our convenient liquid form

Don’t let poor lautering hold you back any longer. Try Sebstar HTL  and experience the difference it can make in your distilling process!


Application Instructions:
SEBstar HTL is used in the starch industry to continuously liquefy and dextrinize gelatinized, wet-milled corn and wheat starch for the production of low-dextrose (DE 7 – 15) starch syrups. Because of its heat stability, broad pH tolerance, and low calcium requirement, SEBstar HTL can be used to liquefy starch slurries at temperatures as high as 90C without the addition of calcium. In the alcohol industry, it is used for high-temperature liquefaction of starch containing grain mashes (corn, wheat, barley, sorghum, rice etc.) for production neutral spirits. In the brewing industry, SEBstar HTL is used to rapidly liquefy and reduce the viscosity of grain adjuncts.

We recommend 1 ml per one lb of grain.

This liquid alpha-amylase enzyme will treat up to about a 100-gallon wash. (4 oz size)


**These enzymes are not returnable.

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