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Pot Still vs. Reflux Still: Explaining Distillation Differences

Getting started with distilling is very confusing, we understand! Hobby distillers quickly discover that distilling is half-science lesson, half-engineering problem, and all experience. Experience is best gained when approached with knowledge in hand, and one of the first problems that distillers will face is the type of still that will suit their goals properly. This […]

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Five Tips For A Simple Distillation

When I started working here at Moonshine Distiller, I honestly didn’t have much of an idea of what distilling was about. I like my gin and like the idea of self-sufficiency and home distilling, but I soon learned that distilling requires trial and error, patience, and much research! So far, I’ve come across a few […]

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Column Packing: Copper Mesh vs. Raschig Rings vs. Thumpers

Increase the Final Proof: Column Packing Showdown Copper Mesh vs. Raschig Rings The easiest way to increase the final proof of your still’s output is to pack the column with copper mesh and/or ceramic raschig rings. The still column packing will increase the final proof by giving the cool reflux within the column a larger […]

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