Month: July 2017

All About Making Gin

Many of you folks who own our stills may have already experimented with adding botanicals to your column, boiler, or have created macerations with a high proof distillate. For those who are intimidated by gin making, this post will hopefully get you pointed in the right direction!   Gin The reserved and bashful gin is making […]

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Summer Sale! Prices Slashed All Across!

    Looking for a great deal on some moonshine distilling equipment? Hoping to upgrade your still or tower for an affordable price? Well, look no further! We are proud to announce that we are having a Summer Sale on all of our moonshine supplies. We have a ton of special offers, so don’t wait, […]

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Five simple tips for a smooth distillation

When I started working here at Moonshine Distiller, I honestly didn’t have much of an idea of what distilling was about. I like my gin and like the idea of the self-sufficiency that is home distilling, but I soon learned that distilling requires trial and error, patience, and much research! So far, I’ve come across […]

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