The Head, Hearts, and Tails: Presented with the Craft Distilling Academy

I am happy to announce that Moonshine Distiller has teamed up with the Craft Distilling Academy to produce the Heads, Hearts, and Tails, a three-part instructional web series! It will be an ongoing effort to provide some high-quality instructional videos on all topics relating to distilling. And who knows, every once in a while maybe we’ll blow something up just for the fun of it!

We have just finished filming several episodes (which has been a blast!), so now we just need to edit them down a bit. We keep running into delays, but they will soon be ready for their debut on this blog!

Below is the list of stuff we plan on covering, however, this will be an ongoing series and we are always looking for new ideas so we are relying on you! If you have any topics that you would like us to cover, please leave them in the comments below!

Differences between SS and Copper
Different types of packing
How to set up your new dual-purpose still tower
How to use a hydrometer
How to use an alcoholometer
Yeast definitions and uses
Note Taking
Heating options pros and cons
How to run a reflux still
Carbon filtering 

Grains 101
How to use essences
Vodka infusions
How to do a gin
Whiskey recipe
Aging products and their characteristics 
Difference between aging and maturation
Alcohol definitions 

How to run a bubble plate still tower
Advanced yeast info (Yeast Hydration, beer/wine yeasts, nutrients)
How to brew all grain and differences between single infusion and step infusion
How to malt corn
Brewing software demo
How to use powdered/liquid enzymes
A message to preppers and survivalists about owning and using a still.

5 thoughts on “The Head, Hearts, and Tails: Presented with the Craft Distilling Academy

  1. I’d really like to see a video on the entire process of making CUTS to separate the Heads, Hearts, and Tails. Say you’ve collected 48 pint jars holding 12 ozs each from your stripping run of UJSSM. Show us what to do next? And how to make the qualitative judgements!

    1. Well, with the stripping run, most people save everything and put it back into the still for the spirits run. Are you talking about separating the hearts, heads, and tails from the spirits run?

      That may be a little hard to do, since so much of it is based off of smell and taste, which you can’t really convey through a video. I’ll have to think about how we might be able to do that one….

  2. lest say I bought cracked corn by mistake. is it possible to use it ?
    (i.e.) make mash with it. not sure if you can “sprout it” too release the sugars..

    1. Gary, you can certainly use cracked corn. That is actually what we sell! However, you will have to heat it to gelatinize the starches and then add some alpha amylase to break those starches into sugars.

  3. Hi. Are these videos available anywhere?

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