Month: March 2015

Where Does the Still Go?

You’re really excited about your still coming in the mail – so excited that you haven’t thought of where to put it. You could do a quick set up in the kitchen or the family bathroom, but since you’ll probably want to be doing this for the long haul, it might be good to sit […]

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A few Dos and Don’ts about Distilling at Home

Are you looking to buy your first set of home distillery equipment? Is it time to take the plunge and upgrade to a bigger still? Here are few Dos and Don’ts for distilling moonshine at home for every novice and experienced distiller out there. Do: Experiment! Experiment with flavors and different types of alcohol. You […]

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Hearts Series, Episode 6: Aging Products vs Oak Barrel Maturation

Products used in this video: –Charred Oak Barrel –Toasted Oak Chips Video Transcription Howdy folks, I’m Jeff from Moonshine Distiller, and welcome back for another hearts episode. This time we’re going to be talking about the different ways you can age and flavor your spirits. Typically, most whiskeys are aged with oak, and you’ve got […]

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