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Pot Still vs. Reflux Still: Explaining Distillation Differences

Getting started with distilling is very confusing, we understand! Hobby distillers quickly discover that distilling is half-science lesson, half-engineering problem, and all experience. Experience is best gained when approached with knowledge in hand, and one of the first problems that distillers will face is the type of still that will suit their goals properly. This […]

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Upgrading Your Dad’s Distilling Hobby with Moonshine Distiller Equipment – The Perfect Father’s Day 2023 Gift!

Father’s Day 2023 is right around the corner! What could be a better way to show your appreciation for your awesome dad, who loves brewing and distilling than by getting him some top-quality distilling equipment from Moonshine Distiller? We have everything dad could want to take his hobby to the next level, whether he’s just […]

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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo: The History of Tequila

This Cinco de Mayo, tap into your south-of-the-border roots and celebrate a country that birthed one of America’s favorite beverages: Tequila. Native to the land of Mexico and distilled from the agave plant, tequila originally offered more than a fiery, throat-burning spirit; the leaves of the plant were once woven into mats, clothing, and paper, […]

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