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Elevate your winemaking process (and your fruit vodkas!) with the exceptional Red Star Premier Blanc Yeast. Known for its robust and efficient fermentation capabilities, this yeast strain is a go-to choice for experienced winemakers seeking top-notch results.

Red Star Champagne Yeast has a high alcohol tolerance, making it a great choice to add to a fruit fermentation to give the alcohol percentage one last bump up. The Red Star Premier Blanc Champagne yeast has a neutral flavor profile making it great for vodka mashes! Premier Blanc Yeasts also make great ginger beer, or hard ciders. This powerful yeast strain produces amazing results in a varieties of environments.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Fermentation: Premier Blanc thrives in a wide range of temperature conditions, ensuring consistent performance regardless of the environment.
  • Perfect for Fruit Wines: Craft exceptional fruit wines with ease. Premier Blanc handles the intricate sugar composition of fruits, producing wines that capture the essence of the ingredients.
  • Balanced Flavor Profile: Premier Blanc imparts a neutral flavor character, allowing the true flavors of your wine’s core components to shine through.
  • Reliable Performance: With a high alcohol tolerance and dependable fermentation, Premier Blanc is a trusted workhorse for various winemaking styles.
  • Industry Standard: A favorite among winemakers, Premier Blanc Yeast is a well-established choice that meets the demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Experience the Difference: Elevate your winemaking game with the proven excellence of Red Star Premier Blanc Yeast. Take your wines to new heights of quality and flavor.

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