Hearts Series, Episode 2: How to use Essences

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Howdy folks, I’m Jeff from Moonshine Distiller, and welcome to another hearts episode. In this episode, we’re going to be discussing essences. We’ve got a lot of people asking us questions. What are these essences like? How good are they? Are they as good as the real thing? Well truthfully, the answer is, no. With an all grain mash and aging your whiskey in a barrel, you’re never going to be truly able to replicate that flavor with an essence that you can just add to your spirit. However, a lot of our essences were made to replicate the spirit and provide a very similar flavor. Most people use these for mixed drinks, and a lot of people will not even be able to tell the difference, once it’s mixed with whiskey or fruit juices or whatever you happen to be making.

We here at MD weren’t super happy with a lot of the essences on the market, so we went ahead and created our own line. After months of research and development, we finally came through with flavors that we liked and had them produced specifically for us. A couple that I have on the table here are the absinthe essence, scotch whiskey essence, the bourbon, and the Mexican coffee. Those are some of our most popular flavors. However, we have 20 in total.

Some of them are simple enough that all you need to do is add them to a jar of moonshine. One bottle is just about perfect for one bottle of moonshine. Alternatively, some of them, like the Mexican coffee liqueur, you need to add a little bit of sugar as well. That’s really easy to do; on each bottle it gives you specific instructions and tells you exactly how much sugar you need to add. For the Mexican coffee, it happens to be 7/8ths of a cup.

So again, if you want to stock your bar with all of your own liquors and you don’t have the time, equipment, or expertise to make all your own liquors, our essences are a great way to go. Again, thanks for tuning in, I’ll see you next time..

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