Coriander Seed (Coriandrum sat.) 1 LB


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Coriander sativum is one of the oldest cultivated plants in history and is loved for its bright flavor in many cuisines. In addition to its culinary uses, coriander seeds are also a popular ingredient in the brewing and distilling worlds.

Used in a variety of beverage preparation, we love coriander for the flavor it imparts to gin. A spicy, citrus note with just a hint of a nutty after. Distillers have also reported excellent success with roasting or crushing their seeds just prior to running their batch, allowing the oils and flavors to infuse more fully into the final product.. Coriander seeds add complexity and depth to your gin recipe, delicious!

If you’re looking to experiment with coriander in your distilling, consider a purchase of our seeds. With their distinct flavor and versatility, coriander seeds can be a valuable addition to any distiller’s toolkit.

1LB dried, coriander seeds for infusions and distillation

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