Carbon Filter System – Stainless Steel with Funnel/Hopper

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This carbon filter system is perfect for polishing your moonshine or neutral grain spirits for the ultimate smoothness. And for those wondering, yes, this carbon filter for distilling can be used for water as well! It is actually more effective than a Brita filter, although it can be a bit messier if you aren’t careful!

Using this carbon filter for distilling is simple. First, you need to wash the activated carbon by rinsing it with tap water. With the filter system assembled, clamp 6-8 coffee filters into place at the bottom end of the tube with either a 2-inch hose clamp or your tri-clover clamp and add the washed activated carbon to the tube. Once you are done with your spirit run, cut it down to the desired drinking proof and add it to the funnel at the top. It should run slowly out the bottom, clean and smooth as can be!

To see how to use this system for filtering moonshine, please watch our Carbon Filtering video.

With the tri-clover connection at the bottom of the tube, this can also be clamped to any boiler with a 2″ tri-clover fitting in the lid for easy collection of your finished and polished spirit. Our 3-gallon boilers even come with a valve in the bottom so you can store and dispense your spirit straight from your counter top!

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Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in

1 review for Carbon Filter System – Stainless Steel with Funnel/Hopper

  1. Paul

    Great quality! I’m a welder and I can’t build it for this price!

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