Brewer’s Hydrometer – Triple Scale


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This distiller’s/brewer’s hydrometer is for determining the sugar content of your wash. The brewing hydrometer has three different scales printed on it: specific gravity, brix, and potential alcohol by volume.

It should be noted, however, that the potential alcohol by volume reading on the triple scale hydrometer is only accurate if the yeast converts the maximum amount of sugar in the wash into alcohol. To get a true alcohol by volume reading, you will need to use the beer hydrometer to take a reading before the wash starts fermenting (known as the Original Gravity or OG) and a reading after it finishes fermenting (known as the Final Gravity or FG). You can then plug this into the following equation: ABV = (76.08 * (OG-FG) / (1.775-OG)) * (FG/0.794)


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