8 Inch Modular Copper Bubble-Plate Tower


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Our modular copper bubble plate tower gives you the ultimate control and flexibility over your distilling run. The main structure of the still is stainless steel for its durability and ease of cleaning, while the plates inside are copper to provide a surface for the sulfides to react with. It is a commercial copper still for sale at a hobbyist price! The bubble-cap technology gives you superior flexibility and control over the rate at which you run your still (compared to the simpler perforated plate design) while the modular plate sections allow you to fine-tune the flavor of your final product (just add or remove them depending upon what you are making). This gives you the versatility you need to make neutral spirits like vodka with as many plates as your ceiling can accomodate, or to craft flavorful spirits like whiskey, rum, or brandy with only a 3 or 4 plates..

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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 30 in


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