Commercial Distilling Equipment

We have a wide variety of commercial distilling equipment for sale, but due to the level of customization required for each individual distillery, most of the professional distilling equipment we offer is by special order only. If you need something immediately for a small-scale spirits plant, you can check out our 26-gallon stainless steel boiler and our copper moonshine still column.

We are capable of producing both stainless steel and copper distillery equipment (or a mix of the two) and can tailor the size of our custom moonshine equipment to meet the needs of your individual distillery.

Just a few examples of some of the commercial distillery equipment we sell:
-500 gallon boilers
-200 gallon boilers
-50 gallon boilers
-26 gallon steam-jacketed boilers
-6, 8, and 12 inch columns
-Mash/lauter tuns (with/without agitators)
-Stainless steel fermenters
-Stainless steel storage tanks

The expected delivery of most of our commercial distilling equipment for sale is 2-3 months from the date of purchase.