Complete Distillers

If you are looking for moonshine or alcohol stills for sale, you have come to the right place. Listed below is a variety of complete moonshine stills for sale, including both reflux and pot stills. When you buy a still from us, you are getting one of the highest quality moonshine stills for sale. Our alcohol stills are capable of producing nothing but the best moonshine!

All of our stainless-steel moonshine stills are stainless steel for durability, lower material cost, and ease of cleaning. You may have read somewhere (likely somewhere that has copper stills for sale) that copper stills are superior. Yes, the copper in a copper pot still does react with some of the bad flavors, which is ideal if you have the permits to distil alcohol for consumption. However, what they don’t tell you is that you can accomplish the same effect by packing a stainless steel still with some copper mesh. In fact, this actually provides a much larger surface area of copper for the distillate vapors to react with so you don’t have to clean the copper nearly as often.

So, go ahead and browse our complete moonshine still kits for sale. What are you waiting for? Buy one of our moonshine stills for sale and get started!