Wormwood (Artemisia abs.) 1 LB


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Dried wormwood herb has been used in brewing fermented beverages since ancient times. Noted by most for it’s appearance in absinthe, wormwood can also be used to flavor various other liquors, such as vermouth and bitters. In absinthe, more romantically known as “La Fée Verte,” wormwood provides the bitterness, green hue, and thujone.

(The “psychoactive” components, however are wildly overblown, if you drink absinthe and begin seeing things, you have just drunk too much alcohol!)

Dried wormwood has a mild minty licorice aroma, but it has extremely strong herbal bittering properties and perhaps is the most potent bittering herb in existence.


1LB dried, cut, sifted wormwood herb for infusions and distillation


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