Star San Sanitizer by Five Star Chemicals 16 Oz.


Acid based sanitizer loved by distillers and brewers all over.

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Star San Sanitizer is an odorless, colorless acid-based surface sanitizer made by Fiver Star Chemicals that is used heavily in the distilling and brewing industry. It is an acid based sanitizer, and works by lowering pH to a point that eliminates potential contaminants. While it is effective, it is also safe to use, with no rinsing required. Star San should be used at a dose of 1 ounce per 5 gallons of fresh water. Clean equipment (without visible debris) can be sanitized with a 2 minute contact time in this solution. Star San does foam up, but don’t fear the foam! Foam from Star San helps to sanitize those hard-to-reach places, as well as increasing contact time. Residual foam left in fermenters and other containers and other equipment is safe, non-toxic and will not affect beer or wine. See for yourself why Star San is such a great sanitizer for professional and home brewers alike!

16 Oz Container

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