Dual Purpose 2-piece Stainless Steel Still Tower - 2"

Dual Purpose 2-piece Stainless Steel Still Tower - 2"
Dual Purpose 2-piece Stainless Steel Still Tower - 2"
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This is a 2" stainless steel 2-piece ethanol distilling tower that can be used as either a pot still or reflux still. The 2" tri-clamp connector on this ethanol distiller tower will allow it to be clamped onto our 8 gallon milk can boiler, 13 gallon milk can boiler, or a used half barrel beer kegs. You will need to purchase some packing (copper mesh or raschig rings) in order to use this for reflux ethanol distillation. We recommend the copper mesh (as it helps to remove sulfides that are produced by distillation) with a liter of raschig rings on top.

There are 3 pins inside the top of the column and a perforated plate to encourage even distribution of the distilate on it's way down the column. In many cheaper reflux stills the distillate runs directly down the sides preventing optimal reflux.

For additional information on how to assemble your still, check out our blog post on assmbling your dual purpose still tower or our How to Set Up Your Dual Purpose Reflux Still video for detailed directions.

This tower is about 28 inches tall and comes with:
-3" dial industrial thermometer
-Clamp, gasket and adaptor plate for the thermometer
-Two 2" silicone tri-clamp gaskets
-Two 2" stainbless steel tri-clamps


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