• SebAmyl GL - Saccharification Enzyme - 4 oz

Normal People's Description:

If you have not read the description for our SebStar HTL first, please do so, as it is the first half of this process!

The SebAmyl picks up where the HTL leaves off. It will take the dextrins and break them down into the simpler monosascharide sugars that the yeast will be able to easily digest. If you are using the SebStar HTL, this second enzyme addition is an essential second step to getting a completely fermentable mash.


SEBamyl-GL is an enzyme produced by controlled fermentation of a non-GMO strain of Aspergillus niger. This saccharification enzyme is food-grade, Kosher, non-synthetic and can be used to produce certified-organic beverages. SEBamyl-GL is considered an exo-alpha-amylase, glucoamylase or amyloglucosidase enzyme. It acts to hydrolyze the alpha-D-1,4-glycosidic bonds on the non-reducing end of liquefied starch. In addition, SEBamy-GL has side alpha-D-1,6 glycosidic activity to increase hydrolysis of starch and amylopectin branch points. The prolonged action of SEBamyl-GL produces large amounts of glucose.


SEBamyl GL is used in the starch industry to produce glucose from liquefied starch. It is used in the distillery and fuel-alcohol industries for saccharification, and for simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of whole- grain mashes. In the brewing industry it is used to reduce residual grain-starch dextrins in the production of low-carbohydrate beer.

**These enzymes are not returnable.

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SebAmyl GL - Saccharification Enzyme - 4 oz

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