Scotch Pairing

You did it! That fantastic Scotch you carefully crafted and aged in that classic oak barrel is ready to be tapped. You need to grab a couple of good buddies and celebrate! Along with your belles of the ball – your wife and the Scotch – you are going to need some quality pairings to serve. If you’re wondering what to eat with your Scotch, get out your grocery list and let’s get started!


Let’s not be coy, gentlemen; if it’s whiskey night, there better be meat on the menu. Nevertheless, it’s good to keep in mind that the meat you choose shouldn’t overpower the taste of your hard-earned Scotch, in all its glory. So, try to avoid super spicy or intense flavors, like Indian food and BBQ (For tonight at least, we will talk about other whiskeys and bourbon which can pair well with stronger flavors later). Lamb stew, pork ribs, and grilled chicken are all great choices. And, of course – steak, lots of steak, would be excellent. The combination of steak and whiskey is unparalleled…. Please excuse me for a second; I need to go fire up the grill.


Wine and cheese night, you have been forsaken for cubes and curds – cheese’s sexier little sister. Scotch and cheese go great together too. If your Scotch is a sweeter variety, look for a soft, mild, but distinctive cheese, like Brie or Gouda. If you used a lot of smoked or peated malts in your Scotch, try a stronger cheese, like a nice aged bleu or sharp Cheddar.


Don’t worry – we won’t spill the beans about your mildly lady-like chocolate obsession. But, if you are going to be eating it with Scotch, you are going to have to reach for the good stuff. That’s right, folks, dark chocolate is a great finisher and also helps to clear your pallet so you can truly appreciate every sip. Also, you can add fruits and fruit pies that feature fall flavors like apple, pear, and pumpkin to the menu.

Let me know what Scotch food pairing you like best, and don’t forget to stock up on brewing ingredients from Moonshine Distiller for your next home-brewed endeavor..

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