Orris Root (Iris Ger.) 1 LB


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The root of the Iris Germanica flower, commonly known as the bearded iris, is also known as Orris root, and is a time honored addition to many gin recipes.

It is a popular ingredient in gin recipes, providing a subtle flavor that acts as a fixative or binder for other botanicals in the gin. Many renowned distilleries value Orris root for its ability to enhance the overall flavor profile of their gins.  Fixatives like Orris allow the other aromatics in your gin basket to develop more nuance and balance against the larger flavor profile. We highly recommend adding a small amount of Orris root to your gin botanical bill!

Overall, Orris root is a valuable ingredient in gin distillation, offering a unique flavor and enhancing the overall flavor profile of the gin. Its inclusion in your botanical regimen can help to create a gin that is truly exceptional.


1LB dried, cut, sifted orris root for infusions and distillation

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