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Oak chips are often used in the aging of spirits, such as whiskey, brandy, and rum, to impart flavor and color to the final product. The oak chips contain compounds such as tannins, vanillin, and lignin, which are released into the spirit as it ages, adding complexity and depth to the flavor.

When oak chips are added to a spirit, the spirit begins to extract the flavor compounds from the wood. The longer the oak chips are in contact with the spirit, the more flavor compounds are extracted, resulting in a more pronounced character in the final product.

Oak chips can be added to the spirit in a number of ways. One method is to add them directly to the spirit before it is bottled. You can also add the oak chips in a tiered system, adding different amounts to different bottles, to find your perfect blend.

It’s important to note that the oak chips will only add to the aging process and will not replace the time it takes to age properly. The aging time will vary depending on the final desired taste, but it’s usually a few months to a few years.

Our toasted oak chips are great for adding flavor to any barrel aged spirit when a charred oak barrel is unavailable, especially with our Moonshine Jars!

While costing only a fraction of what a barrel would cost, and also adding oak flavor to your spirit more quickly than a barrel, the flavor will not be quite as complex or have quite as much character as a barrel aged spirit. Please keep this in mind when ordering, however this is an excellent way to hone your spirit’s flavor profile before you commit to a large and expensive barrel purchase!

Are you looking for a lighter toast?

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