Moonshine for Newbies

Okay, So you’ve heard of this thing called “moonshine” and you want to try brewing it yourself. Your Google search produced a lot of information, but not for a newbie like yourself. It’s like a different language. You just want the basics! Moonshine for beginners, if you will. Well, look no further. We’ll start off with a breakdown of the basic moonshine equipment.

  • Fermenting Vessel

This is a container to ferment the stuff in. Obviously. You want something with a wide mouth so it is easy to sanitize. Make sure the vessel also uses a material that handles heat and temperature variations. It can be as simple as a food grade plastic bucket or as beautiful as our conical fermenter.

  • Airlock

This is a plastic device with a water trap. Wait, what? Basically, it lets the carbon dioxide out, which is produced during fermentation, without letting any air into the vessel. You don’t want the air in because it can cause oxidation or contamination.  Need a visual? This 3 piece airlock is a good representation. Hey, cool! They’re only a buck fifty!

  • Moonshine Still

Well duh, if you’re going to do some distilling you’d better have a still! Distilling is the process of removing diluting components, like water, in order to increase the alcohol content. We have a wide variety of distillation equipment, including complete kits to get you started!

  • Thermometer

Thermometers monitor the process of distilling, showing you when you are reaching boiling point and when the right cutting time is. Pretty straightforward! Also, all of our stills come with thermometers! 

  • Hydrometer

A hydrometer or alcoholmeter can measure how much alcohol is in your distillate or how much sugar is in your wash, which in turn can tell you how much alcohol you will end up with. It’s usually a glass float and when you put it into a test jar, the more it sinks = the higher the proof.

  • Storage

So what do you do with your own moonshine? Well, you can store it in glass mason jars. If you want to age it, you can check out our super cool looking oak barrels for aging. Or, if you’re super excited about your creation, grab a glass and drink it straight!


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