• Moonshine Made Simple and the Still Makers Manual

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Moonshine Made Simple and the Still Makers Manual by Byron Ford covers all aspects of fermentation and distillation required for the creation of essential oils, perfumes, ethanol fuel for your car engine, and a large variety of spirits, liqueurs, and cocktails. You will learn how to ferment your own wash, fabricate your own still, and flavor your own spirits.

The moonshine book has an easy to follow layout that allows you to learn the simple processes involved so that getting started is only a matter of following the easy instructions. Then, as you progress through the pages of Moonshine Made Simple, the content will discuss subjects in greater depth to give you a better understanding of the finer details involved in the fermentation and distillation processes. After obtaining or completing your still, you will be able to produce your desired product within a week or two, including fermentation time.

By following the easy methods outlined in this manual, you will have little or no failures and you will surprise both yourself and your friends with your final product of essential oils or alcoholic beverages. You may even find running your car on this alternative fuel beneficial.

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Moonshine Made Simple and the Still Makers Manual

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