Scottish Single-Malt Ingredients Kit with Recipe


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Since scotch can only technically be made in Scotland, we provide everything you need to create your own Scottish single-malt.  The scotch making kit includes actual peated malt and our best yeast for fermenting the grains, and instructions on how to make your Scottish single-malt. This kit even includes toasted oak chips!

Equipment needed for making whiskey:
Your still
-Fine nylon straining bag (for straining out the grain particles after fermentation)
-Thermometer (the floating thermometers are very useful for this process)
-Large spoon or paddle to stir the mash

Optional Equipment:
-Large stainless steel pot (you can also mash/ferment right in your stainless steel milk can boiler)
Fermenting vessel (you can also mash/ferment right in your milk can boiler)
SEBstar HTL, SEBAmyl GL, and ViscoSEB L liquid enzymes to help keep your mash from getting too thick and to convert the starches into more digestible sugars.

Each Scottish single-malt kit includes the ingredients to produce a 5-gallon wash at 8.3% alcohol by volume (which should yield about a gallon at 40% abv, before making cuts). So, if you have a 13-gallon boiler, you would need two of these scotch making kits to produce 10 gallons to fill your boiler..

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 14 in
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