Rye Whiskey Ingredients Kit and Recipe


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This rye whiskey ingredient kit includes the ingredients and recipe for creating the best rye whiskey you’ve ever had! If you like the bold, spicy flavor of a good rye whiskey, this is the rye whiskey ingredients kit for you!

The kit includes 3 different grains (a total of 13 pounds), the best whiskey distiller’s yeast for fermenting those grains, and instructions on how to make rye whiskey right at home. The only thing not included with these kits is the oak. Depending upon your budget, you will want either a charred oak barrel (which can be used multiple times) or toasted oak chips.

Equipment needed for learning how to make rye whiskey:

Your still
-Fine nylon straining bag (for straining out the grain particles after fermentation)
Thermometer (the floating thermometers are very useful for this process)
-Large spoon or paddle to stir the mash

Optional Ingredients to Make Moonshine:

Large stainless steel pot (you can also mash/ferment right in your milk can boiler)
Fermenting vessel (you can also mash/ferment right in your milk can boiler)
SEBstar HTLSEBamyl GL, and beta glucanase enzymes to help keep your mash from getting too thick and to convert the starches from the corn into fermentable sugars.

Each rye whiskey recipe kit includes the ingredients to produce a 5-gallon wash at 8% alcohol by volume (which should yield about a gallon at 40% abv, before making cuts). So, if you have a 13-gallon boiler, you would need two of these kits to produce 10 gallons to fill your boiler..

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 6 in
Grain Milling



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