Embrace Your Inner Hipster – Make a Batch From Our Essences

You probably saw this title and felt a little insulted. Yes, you make homemade distilled drinks, but that does not mean you wear skinny jeans, eat vegan, carry your yoga mat to work or only listen to obscure bands. Even if you do resemble these remarks, why not laugh at yourself a little and use these essences to create a drink of your very own. 

The Coffee Shop

We all know that hipsters have hung out at coffee shops long before they hated Starbucks for being too mainstream, so take note of coffee’s peculiar nodes by creating a coffee liqueur. We have a wide variety of distilling essences to choose from that will guarantee your next concoction will go great in a latte – with almond milk of course. 

The Beard

You are a man’s man and with the long unkempt beard to prove it. We can all spot a hipster by their awkward attempts at facial hair, so create something to make you feel extra proud of your nose hair growing superpowers and create a whiskey to call the beard with this essence.

The “Before It Was Cool”

To be a true hipster you have to be into something long before it was cool.  We recommend reaching high and using our top-shelf essences to create something that will let all of your guests knows that you are anything but mainstream.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating and leave your comments, recipes, and ideas up on our social media pages.


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