Dual Purpose 2-piece Stainless Steel Still Tower – 3″

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This is a 3″ stainless steel 2-piece pot still tower that can be used as either a reflux still, or a traditional pot still! The 3″ tri-clamp connector on this moonshine still tower will allow it to be clamped onto our 13-gallon milk can boiler,  8-gallon stainless steel milk can boiler, or on a half barrel beer keg. You must purchase some packing in order to use this stainless steel tower for distilling. We recommend the copper mesh as it helps to remove sulfides that are produced by distillation.

This reflux still tower includes a screened gasket to aid in holding packing materials and to encourage even distribution of the distillate on its way down the column. In many cheaper reflux stills, the distillate runs directly down the sides preventing optimal reflux.

How to assemble your dual purpose reflux still tower:

For additional information on how to assemble your moonshine pot still tower, check out our blog post on assembling your dual purpose moonshine still tower or our How to Set Up Your Dual Purpose Reflux Still video for detailed directions. Additionally, you can check out our video on how to run a dual purpose still tower.

This pot still tower is about 31.5 inches tall and comes with:


Attention friends! Due to the continuing COVID related delays, we are now accepting backorders on our stills, boilers, towers, etc.

We expect orders to begin shipping on or before the first week of September 2021. Once everything is ready, we will ship in the order that they were submitted.

We also need to announce that due to rising costs of materials, you may experience rising prices in the next few weeks on stainless and copper built items, we are currently honoring prices as they are listed, so put your orders in now, as they may change soon! (Legacy orders will be honored at the listed price at time of sale!)


Thank you!

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 8 in
Still Add-Ons

2 reviews for Dual Purpose 2-piece Stainless Steel Still Tower – 3″

  1. Jake

    Solid quality piece of equipment.

  2. Johnny

    I just received my dual purpose tower. I was expecting poor quality welding. I was a welder for years and honestly expected to be aggravated looking at it. This was not the case. The build on the piece I got was impeccable…perfect….spotless. What a pleasant supply. The shipping was very fast. I have not used it yet, but It is logical that it will work as intended. I got an extra tower extension, rashig rings, and extra copper for packing. I like the fact that it can be used as a pot still to distill essences and essential oils. What a versatile piece of equipment. My final word?
    Good equipment and good company to deal with.

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