Distiller’s Activated Coconut Carbon – 0.4-0.85 mm / 1.7 L


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Looking for the best activated carbon for neutral alcohol production? Look no further than Moonshine Distiller’s activated coconut carbon made from high-quality coconut shell.

This distillery-grade activated carbon is great for stripping out all the undesirable components from your distillate. However, it can also strip the flavor out of whiskey, rum, or brandies, so it is not recommended for these finished products!

Our coconut carbon has 2-3 times the ability of other carbons and is specially designed for distillers to produce a pure, neutral spirit such as vodka. Try our complete carbon filter system to complete your setup!

Before you use it, make sure to fully rinse the coconut carbon to prevent it from reducing the quality of your distillate and leaving a white deposit in your alcohol. For added peace of mind, filter an extra 10 liters of water through the carbon bed before filtering your alcohol.

Our activated coconut carbon is available in a convenient 1.7L size, with 0.4 – 0.85mm (20 x 40 mesh) particles for optimal filtration. For more detailed information on activated carbon, click here.

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