Copper Moonshine Still Column (a.k.a. the Flute)


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Our copper moonshine still column is perfect if you are looking for a high performance, traditional copper still. This is a 100% copper flute, with a clear-coat on the outside to help prevent the still from tarnishing (as copper stills are known to do). The inside, however, is not coated with anything so that nothing will leach into your spirits and you will have plenty of surface area to react with the sulfides. As you can probably tell from the pictures, it is a beautiful work of art. If you are looking for the highest quality copper moonshine still column for sale, you can stop your search! This is truly a commercial quality copper flute at a low hobbyist price!

Unlike the modular bubble plate column that we have for sale, this copper moonshine still column uses a series of perforated plates and downcomers. However, it does feature the same super-efficient shotgun dephlegmator and condenser that the bubble plate columns include. Also, the bottom of the parrot is fitted with a stainless-steel tri-clamp ball valve (attached with a 1″ tri-clover clamp) so that you can easily drain the heads and tails.

Cleaning your copper moonshine still:

Since the column is made from copper and the inside is not clear-coated, it will react with the sulfides in your distillate vapors (this is a good thing!). This will slowly cause the inside of the column to tarnish. Since everything is soldered into place, the best way to clean the column is by taking the sight glasses off and access the inside of the column and plates through that opening. Alternatively, you can just fill the column with a citric acid/water solution (which will eat away the tarnish) or whatever cleaning solution you prefer to use. Buy this copper flute to step up your moonshine-making hobby..

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