Heads Series, Episode 1: Differences between stainless steel and copper stills

If you are thinking about purchasing a still, you have probably noticed that most moonshine stills for sale are stainless steel or copper. This video explains the differences between the two, analyzing the pros and cons to each.

This is the first video of a series of MoonshineDistiller.com educational distilling videos, meant to help beginner and expert distillers learn more about their favorite hobby. Hopefully you find the videos useful!

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Video Transcription

Howdy folks, I’m Jeff from Moonshine Distiller. As you’re looking around for a new still you might see two main types of stills; copper and stainless steel. Traditionally, stills were made out of copper. This is because it’s a very soft metal used to work with, and you also can solder it rather than welding it.This makes it very easy to assemble in the backwoods.

However, more modern stills are made from stainless steel, a much more durable material and easier to keep clean. The main functional difference between stainless steel and copper stills is that the copper actually reacts with sulfides that are in the vapors from your wash. Those sulfides, if they end up in your final distillate, can actually cause bad hangovers and bad tastes.

You can get the same sulfide removing effect in a stainless steel still by packing your column with a little bit a copper mesh. Typically, on a five or ten gallon batch, just one pound of copper mesh inside your still column should be more than enough to remove the sulfides. With copper stills you won’t need this copper mesh since the still itself will react with the sulfides..

3 thoughts on “Heads Series, Episode 1: Differences between stainless steel and copper stills

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  2. I have a copper column that i made 30 inch tall 2 inch copper pipe that is reduced down to 3/4 inch and i sleeved it with a 1 inch cooling chamber over the 3/4 inch. In the column i put 2 6 inch rolls of the copper mesh with the rashid in the middle. I am waiting on the electric heater from you guys as well as a parrot and some other items. I am getting a proof of 125 at first and then it maintains at 100 on the rest. I am not trying to make rocket fuel I am just testing out different flavors and so far they seem to taste pretty good

  3. i’m a fresher by names of muteesasira Ronaldor from Uganda .East of Africa intending to enter distilling as a business. ive arleady made my factory but need basic and professional knowledge on spirits, vodka, whisk and other beverages production and how to assemble the machine. i can access materials here in my country but have no knowledge how to do it .

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