• Corn Sugar (Dextrose) - 1 lb.

If you're wondering where to buy corn sugar dextrose, you've come to the right place. Dextrose corn sugar is an option for those who want to boost the corn-based fermentables in their wash without having to deal with the sticky, gluey mess of an all-grain corn mash. Each pound of corn sugar added will increase the a.b.v. of a 5-gallon wash by about 1%. Use this corn sugar dextrose to make an easy mash corn whiskey base for this homemade whiskey recipe.

Adding a small amount of this distilling ingredient (no more than 10% of total fermentables) will increase alcohol content with minimal impact on taste. However, a larger amount can be added as well for some spirit types (like Bourbon, which legally has to be over 51% corn-based). It should be noted that using corn sugar dextrose is significantly easier than using corn grain, but will not yield quite as much flavor.

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Corn Sugar (Dextrose) - 1 lb.

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