Looking for a Cheap Moonshine Still?

If you are looking for a cheap moonshine still (and by cheap we mean inexpensive, NOT low quality), you’re in luck! Periodically, we have a used still or other used distillery equipment for sale. This equipment is all in perfect working order, it just smells like the last run it distilled or it may have slight cosmetic imperfections. We will try to provide an accurate description and pictures of any damage so that you know what you are getting into. Our loss is your gain!

Where does this cheap moonshine still come from?

The majority of the used distilling equipment is boilers that got damaged during shipping. Since we do our best to pack every order well, this doesn’t happen very often. But every once in a while the Fedex folks like to use boxes as makeshift piñatas. When this does happen we are always happy to work with you to get Fedex to provide a refund and/or replace the boiler. If we end up replacing the boiler, this is where those poor damaged ones end up! It is also possible that used distilling equipment listed here may not even be damaged at all. It may just have been used for the filming of a video, or maybe we replaced one of the floor models in our store with something else. Whatever the case, we will try to explain below! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check out our new distillation kits.

Used Still for Sale


Cheap Moonshine Still #1: 26 Gallon Boiler – Lightly Dented- $429  

Small dent in the side
Small dent in the side


Small dent in the bottom rim
Small dent in the bottom rim







Cheap Moonshine Still #2: 8 Gallon Boiler with Fittings – Lightly Dented – $189  

Small dent in the side
Small dent in the side























If one of these stills catches your eye and your’re wondering where you would put it, we’ve explained the best still locations for your home distillation setup.

Please note: Since we are already selling these items at a loss, all sales are final. Please call us with any questions you have on an item and we will complete the sale over the phone..

47 thoughts on “Looking for a Cheap Moonshine Still?

  1. Do you have any reduced price 13 gallon boilers? If not you reckon you can go kick a dent in one with fittings?


    1. Sorry, all we have discounted at the moment are 8 and 26 gallon boilers. And I couldn’t bring myself to drop-kick such a beautiful piece of equipment 😛

  2. I am very interested in your damage steal

  3. I am interested in buying a still. Could you let me know what is available and the price?

    1. I’m looking for something I can work on!… I’m a Licensed Plumber for 27+ years so I can solder… I changed carriers 10 years ago & now I’m a Welder!… Lol… So there is NO metal I can’t fuse!… I don’t, however, have much money!… Hook me up,… Or lets trade some work?

  4. Very interested in the 26 gal. Boiler, would like to know what else would be needed to become operational.
    I’m interested in a still that can do ethanol and also essential oils, is this possible? Can you recommend and steer me in the right direction? I’m looking to get started asking.
    We make our own products, and start with the raw materials, herbs, etc. Gather, dry, and then create our tinctures/extracts, infusions and then our own cream bases for our products. Where a formula calls for water we use hydrosols, we have a small electric still but we’ve out grown it and time for a better still and more economical to run and higher yield. I believe 26 gal would be good for us. Thanks

    1. Hi Louie! Yes, you can certainly rig up a still that can do both ethanol and essential oils. However, there are a lot of other things I would need to know before recommending a still…. Are you looking to make a more pure spirit like vodka or a neutral grain spirit (might want to go with a column still), or are you looking to make something like whiskey or rum (might want to go with a pot still)?

      We do have numerous customers using our still for essential oil extraction (both steam and alcohol extraction), so feel free to give me a call if you’d like to discuss further!

  5. I am interested in the stills, and if you can lay your hands on additional ones, total capacity of about l00 gallons. You may call me at 902.266.2704

    1. Hi Silas, we can certainly make a bigger boiler for you! We can make anything up to about 800 gallons. I’ll give you a call right away.

    2. Plz in need of a good still. On a budget. 26 gallon pot still would be perfect.but i need the whole still thumper worm ect. Plz call me at 818-274-4311 thank you my name is sean

  6. Looking for a used boiler 26-50 gallon electric?


    1. Unfortunately, we don’t have any used boilers that we sell. We do have a couple dented 26 gallon boilers, if you’d like one of those for $100 off. The electric components you would have to purchase separately.

  7. I’m interested in the damaged 8 gallon boiler if it’s still available. Can you email me some more detailed photos of it? Thanks in advance. Hope all is well. -Zac

  8. Am interested in the 26 gallon dented boiler. Do you have one available?

    1. Your timing is perfect, I believe we just got one back dent last week!

    2. I’m looking for a small still 3-5 gallon that will work well with propane. Needs to be ready to use as this is my first still so all advice would be greatly appreciated

  9. I want to make one gallon at a time–what do I need?

    1. That depends on several factors, and would be a rather lengthy comment here. It would probably be best to call us at (970) 281-5790 and we can walk you through what you need!

  10. do you have any more discounted or slightly damaged/used ones?

    1. We do have a bunch of stuff that has been lightly damaged in shipping. What was it you were looking for? If you aren’t sure, you can always give us a call to discuss what we might have that would work for you.

  11. looking for a 50 or 60 gl complete system

    1. Hi Joel, we can certainly help set you up with a larger system like that. However, there are a lot of variables that I would like to discuss with you so that we can get you the best system for your application. Can you give me (Jeff) a call at 970-281-5790 whenever you get a chance?

  12. Please contact me on how to see what used or dented units that you have for sale & the price if possible. I am ;ooling to purchase a still. Thank you,

  13. I am interested in a 8 to 10 gallon still. I f you could call me at 304-995-6427 to discuss prices. Thank You. Rusty

  14. I am interested in an 8 gallon still if you have a slightly dented one.

  15. I’m looking for a dented about 15 to 20 gallon whole still, to make shine in want Cooper,are just the pot,if you can help me with this email preferably a call.6016852849

  16. I put wrong email this is correct one . please contact me on your damaged ones please size and price call me please.thank you.tammy

    1. Hey. Any damaged stock?

  17. I noticed that the postare all old post do you still have dented deal for sale

    1. We do have a few damaged stills available, but I don’t believe we have any 8 gallons at the moment. However, if you’d like the check, your best bet would be to call Casey at (970) 281-5790

  18. I want to know if the 8 gallon still is deal available

  19. I want to know if the 8 gallon still is available

  20. I’ve been trying to reach someone about your moonshine steel I would like to purchase one right now so I may have to go out where to look

  21. Is this company still in business

  22. Hi I’m interested 35- gallon stilt

  23. Hi I’m interested in 35 gollon stilt

    1. The stills that we stock are either 26 gallons or 53 gallons. Would either of those sizes work for you?

      1. Do you have a 53 gallon .

  24. Looking for a 13 gallon scratch, dent, return etc.

  25. Looking for 26 gallon dented scratched used returned doesn’t matter!! Do you have one of those in stock? And what is the price on them?? Thanks

  26. Is that 8 gallon still available? I am happy to purchase.

    1. I believe that we do still have a dented 8 gallon. Do you have a phone number that we could call you at to get the order placed?

  27. I’m looking for an 8 gallon still for cheap price a dent on the side is ok

  28. I’m looking for a 2-3 gallon still. I’ve never done anything like this. I want to start small and learn how to do this. Can you help. Used stuff that works would be great and help cut costs

    1. Hey David,
      We actually recommend out 8 gallon dual purpose still as a great starter still. You can run smaller batches in it and you won’t have to upgrade too soon. Hope this helps.
      Katie MDInc

  29. Looking for a 8/13 gal with copper tower dual or LM running 240v ele 45-5500.anything scratch and dent ? Please email me thanks g .

  30. I am looking for a still set up for a display at our Yesteryear Village at fair grounds in West Palm Beach Florida it could be funcitional and we could give your company some advertising with display . A8 to 10 gallon would work.What would a dented one run complete

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