• Charred Oak Barrel - Medium Char, 5 Liter
    Charred Oak Barrel - Medium Char, 5 Liter Charred Oak Barrel - Medium Char, 5 Liter

These charred 5 liter oak barrels come with a medium char on the inside. Their large surface area to volume ratio makes them perfect for aging your finished spirits, wine, or beer quickly. You should age to your personal taste, but most people find that just a couple weeks is long enough with these oak barrels for aging. The more times you use them, however, the longer each batch will take.

Between the charring process and the storage in our warehouse, these 5L oak barrels for aging will probably arrive completely dehydrated. Before they are used they must be rehydrated or "cured." To do this, simply attach the spigot snuggly and fill the barrel with warm water. It will probably leak like a sieve at first, so make sure you do it somewhere where the water will not get everywhere! Every couple of hours, top the barrel off with water, and you will notice the leaking slow significantly. Typically it takes 2 or 3 days for the leaking to stop completely but can take as long as a week for some barrels (each one is hand-made).

This medium charred 5-liter oak barrel comes with a bung, spigot, and stand. The charred barrel measures approximately 10" x 7" x 7".

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Charred Oak Barrel - Medium Char, 5 Liter

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