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Say goodbye to off-flavors and unwanted bacteria in your beer, wine, and alcohol with Campden tablets! Each container comes with 110 potassium metabisulphite tablets, making it the perfect addition to your brewing setup.

Whether you’re a seasoned homebrewer or just starting out, Campden Beer Tablets will help you achieve a cleaner, clearer, and more consistent product every time. With its proven ability to prevent spoilage and preventing wild yeast, bacteria growth, and oxidation in your wash, this is a must-have for any beer maker, wine maker, or distiller looking to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Not only does Campden tablets help eliminate unwanted flavors, but it also acts as a preservative, helping to extend the shelf life of your beer. With 110 tablets in each container, you’ll have plenty to keep your operation working smoothly for months to come.

The convenient tablet form takes the guesswork out of measuring. Each tablet adds 30 ppm free SO2 per gallon (pH dependent). Grind one Campden tablet per gallon into a powder and dissolve in water before adding it to the wash.

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