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Summer Sale! Prices Slashed All Across!

Posted By Dan FB on 11th July 2017

    Looking for a great deal on some moonshine distilling equipment? Hoping to upgrade your still or tower for an affordable price? Well, look no further! We are proud to announce that we are having a Summer Sale on all of our moonshine supplies. We have a ton of special offers, so don’t wait, Read Full Story

Moonshine for Newbies

Posted By GuestAdmin on 22nd December 2014

Okay, So you’ve heard of this thing called “moonshine” and you want to try brewing it yourself. Your Google search produced a lot of information, but not for a newbie like yourself. It’s like a different language. You just want the basics! Moonshine for beginners, if you will. Well, look no further. We’ll start off Read Full Story

Under The Light of the Moon: A Quick, Down-and-Dirty History of Moonshine

Posted By GuestAdmin on 22nd October 2014

As you work at your home still, your mind may wander from one thought to the next, daydreaming while your still continues to leak nectar of the gods. If you are like many of us, you probably enjoy a good story as you sip your brew too. Well, you are in luck today, because making moonshine has Read Full Story

The Head, Hearts, and Tails: Presented with the Craft Distilling Academy

Posted By Jeff on 18th December 2013

I am happy to announce that Moonshine Distiller has teamed up with the Craft Distilling Academy to produce the Heads, Hearts, and Tails, a three-part instructional web series! It will be an ongoing effort to provide some high-quality instructional videos on all topics relating to distilling. And who knows, every once in a while maybe Read Full Story

Welcome to the new Moonshine Distiller Blog

Posted By Jeff on 2nd December 2013

Hello and welcome to the new Moonshine Distiller Blog! First things first, we are really trying to get our social media presence going, so please follow us! The links are to the right —> So, we have had a lot of feedback from customers that they would love to see some recipes and more instructional Read Full Story