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Five simple tips for a smooth distillation

Posted By Casey Nelson on 5th July 2017

When I started working here at Moonshine Distiller, I honestly didn’t have much of an idea of what distilling was about. I like my gin and like the idea of the self-sufficiency that is home distilling, but I soon learned that distilling requires trial and error, patience, and much research! So far, I’ve come across Read Full Story

Controlling Your Heat and Boiler Temperature vs. Vaporization

Posted By Jeff on 13th July 2015

When talking to folks about their runs, there always seems to be a lot of confusion around why you need a heat controller and how you can use it to control your boil temperature. Simply put, you can’t use it for boiler temperature control, but here is the more in-depth explanation as to why you need Read Full Story

Drinking Traditions in Foreign Countries

Posted By GuestAdmin on 8th June 2015

Venturing outside one’s home country always involves a learning curve. To blend in wherever you go, educate yourself on the country’s specific food and drink customs before departing, starting with some drinking traditions around the world found below. By the time you get out of Dodge, you might not completely pass for a native, but Read Full Story

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo: The History of Tequila

Posted By GuestAdmin on 2nd May 2015

This Cinco de Mayo, tap into your south-of-the-border roots and celebrate a country that birthed one of America’s favorite beverages: tequila.  Native to the land of Mexico and distilled from the agave plant, tequila originally offered more than a fiery, throat-burning spirit; the leaves of the plant were once woven into mats, clothing, and paper, Read Full Story

Where Does the Still Go?

Posted By GuestAdmin on 20th March 2015

You’re really excited about your still coming in the mail – so excited that you haven’t thought of where to put it. You could do a quick set up in the kitchen or the family bathroom, but since you’ll probably want to be doing this for the long haul, it might be good to sit Read Full Story

A few Dos and Don’ts about Distilling at Home

Posted By GuestAdmin on 10th March 2015

  Are you looking to buy your first set of home distillery equipment? Is it time to take the plunge and upgrade to a bigger still? Here are few Dos and Don’ts for every novice and experienced distiller out there. Do: Experiment! Experiment with flavors and different types of alcohol. You do not know what Read Full Story

More than Moonshine Distiller

Posted By GuestAdmin on 9th February 2015

Read Full Story

Oak Appeal

Posted By GuestAdmin on 18th August 2014

It’s a classic image – oak barrels stacked on top of one another, cradling precious elixirs of wine, whiskey (our favorite), rum, and other fine alcoholic beverages. But why are we still using these barrels when we have some of the world’s best technology at our fingertips? Well, let’s just put it this way, it Read Full Story

Column Packing: Copper Mesh vs. Raschig Rings vs. Thumpers

Posted By Jeff on 19th June 2014

Increase the Final Proof: Column Packing Showdown Copper Mesh vs. Raschig Rings The easiest way to increase the final proof of your still’s output is to pack the column with copper mesh and/or ceramic raschig rings. This still column packing increases the final proof by giving the cool reflux within the column a larger surface Read Full Story

Distillation Safety – Things to know before you start distilling

Posted By Jeff on 31st December 2013

If you want to know how to make safe moonshine, we have two previous articles that you should read first: –Can moonshine make you blind? – Truth vs. Myth –Will I blow my house up distilling? – Truth vs. Myth The rest of this article will cover a few last distillation safety issues that you Read Full Story