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Can Tequila Really Benefit Your Health?

Posted By GuestAdmin on 19th May 2015

Continuing the commemoration of Cinco de Mayo and the history of tequila, scientists have tentatively shown some tequila benefits regarding your health. Of course, the old adage “everything in moderation” comes to mind, but nonetheless, natural sugars found in tequila, known as agavins, do have an upside. As mentioned in the last post, tequila is Read Full Story

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo: The History of Tequila

Posted By GuestAdmin on 2nd May 2015

This Cinco de Mayo, tap into your south-of-the-border roots and celebrate a country that birthed one of America’s favorite beverages: tequila.  Native to the land of Mexico and distilled from the agave plant, tequila originally offered more than a fiery, throat-burning spirit; the leaves of the plant were once woven into mats, clothing, and paper, Read Full Story